The Next Big Thing with Microsoft Office: Slack integration

You all know Microsoft Office setup has become a necessity for professionals and students. The productivity suite has come up with a new application- Slack integration. This application works with MS Office 365 in order to establish better enterprise integration.  You can get a detailed explanation of such versions on the Microsoft official website

What are the features of Slack application?

With Slack application, you can build channels for separate messages, discussions and the notifications related to the particular purpose, topic or the department.   You can also send direct messages if you do not want to chat with that particular person in the group. As Slack application allows you to build a group and discuss, you can share needful files or documents. To download Slack integration application you can visit or play store (if you are an android user).

Slack with Microsoft Office

With Slack’s strong search functionality, you can find the key information quickly, even if it is inside the document, you have shared within the group. You should always look for new updates and applications such as Slack. These applications make our Office work smoother and efficient. To access your Office account you can visit

If you are thinking, what’s more, you get in Slack then feed your curiosity

Your status will get automatically update in Slack whenever you are in a meeting. This saves you from manually doing the routine update. Moreover, you can share your emails directly into Slack, without copying, pasting and then forwarding the email to groups.

Why Slack is beneficial for the enterprise?

Integration is what takes the Slack application to the next level. The incorporation of Slack takes it from a normal online instant messaging to a solution. It will allow you to centralize all your discussions from sales to tech support, online social media and more into one place where your team can have a discussion.

In addition, you will be able to integrate your mail with the calendar. You can also bring in files from Microsoft, Google and other leading providers. For easy access to such an application, you can always go to Office setup.

This upgraded application is specially designed for a complex workplace to smoothen the work efficiently. The Slack application can run on both mobile and desktop with any version.

Concluding this, you might have thought that Slack is yet another instant messaging application. However, by discussing it in detail, you might realize that it’s an innovative application for 21st Century, wherein you can smoothen the complex tasks and enhance the performance of an enterprise by connecting with each other and managing the task assigned.

Slack is not just a collaborative tool but it’s a solution, which will enable you to centralize all your notifications and discussions into one searchable place where your team can discuss and take actions according to the task assigned.

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